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RASCALS stands for Regroupement au service des CÉGEPs pour l’anglais langue seconde. 


About this interest group

RASCALS 2023 COLLOQUIUM: JUNE 5 & 6 AT CÉGEP DE CHICOUTIMI.  Register or find out more here.

RASCALS stands for Regroupement au service des CÉGEPs, anglais langue  seconde. 

It is a special interest group of SPEAQ dedicated to the teaching of English as a second language at the College level. RASCALS is a joint collaboration between a college hosting committee and the steering committee led by Daniel Boulerice and Martin Roy.

The RASCALS Colloquium is a 2-day event which takes place every year (usually the first week of June) somewhere in Quebec.

If your college is interested in hosting RASCALS, you are asked to contact SPEAQ or committee member Daniel Boulerice ((514) 982-3437 #7423, Cégep du Vieux Montréal).

Daniel Boulerice - Chair Person                                          

Daniel Boulerice


Members of this group

Martin Roy
Cégep Marie Victorin (2017)

Derek White
Cégep Lévis (2022)

Caroline Deveau
Cégep Saint-Hyacinthe (2018)

Sherry Kent

Netta Gorman

Lyly Lessard
Cégep Rimouski (2019)

Andy Van Drom
Cégep Limoilou (2021)
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