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Anyone interested in teaching English as a second language can become a member of SPEAQ.

Being a member of SPEAQ has its privileges and makes you part of an association that works on your behalf to advance the cause of teaching English as a second language in Quebec.

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All members of the association must:

  • Pay annual dues for their category of membership within the time limit set by the Board of Directors. No rights or privileges of membership can be acquired retroactively.

  • Support the goals and objectives of the association.

  • Refrain from taking a public position, by acting in an official capacity for the Association, against the publicly declared position of the association on a topical issue, or in contradiction with the goals and objectives of the SPEAQ.

Rights and privileges of SPEAQ members

All members of the association will be able to:

  • Receive advance notice and agendas of all Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings.

  • Receive before the deadline nomination forms for the members of the board of directors of the association.

  • Have the right to speak, the right to present or second a motion, and the right to vote at any annual general meeting or special general meeting of the association.

  • Receive upon request copies of the minutes of the annual general meeting or of a special general meeting, with all addenda.

  • Receive a copy of the association's bylaws and regulations, as well as any revisions thereof.

  • Receive all publicity produced by the association and publications that the board of directors may make available free of charge.

  • Receive a receipt for the dues they paid to the association.

About your membership
  • Membership is valid for a full year from submission of the form.

  • Memberships included with the convention / conferences are renewable before the next event of the year.

  • Annual membership is non-refundable.

  • Students and retirees must show proof of their status.

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From time to time, our trusted partners such as La Capitale, contact the SPEAQ office with information or in the form of announcements, surveys, promotional offers and / or services that may be of interest to our SPEAQ members.

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